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Note on our trainings

Your health is close to our hearts. So is your professional further education.

We want you to be able to continue your training without worries in the current situation. Therefore, we offer you our OMNITRACKER presence trainings as equivalent remote trainings until further notice.

Choose your preferred training from our extensive training program and register as usual via our website, per e-mail ( or by phone: +49 (0)9126 25979-0.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions here for you:

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In order to became familiar with and understand OMNITRACKER in those application areas of interest to you, we offer you a highly efficient training program with coordinated modules in our modern training centers.

On request our team of trainers also would be happy to give inhouse training at your company location.

Our competent trainers with project experience guide the participants from the theoretical basics through to practical application. Every course module includes a practical component, in which the participants can directly apply and deepen their acquired knowledge. This ensures the communication of the necessary theory and also its relevance for practical implementation. We offer target audience-oriented, coordinated OMNITRACKER training courses in the following subject areas:

OMNITRACKER Administrator

Target group: OMNITRACKER administrators / configurers, who would like to provide technical support for OMNITRACKER installations.

Content: All performance features for configuring applications and administering the OMNITRACKER platform.

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OMNITRACKER Process Manager

Target group: Persons responsible (process owners) for a business process, like e. g. the OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center

Content: Comprehensive understanding of individual processes of the relevant OMNITRACKER application like e. g. the OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center or OMNITRACKER Project Management Center.

Communicating the dependencies, impacts and relationships within a process.

Basic OMNITRACKER skills.

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Target group: (OMNITRACKER) Administrators, Business analysts, Process owners, Process managers

Content: The fundamentals of modeling business processes with BPMN 2.0 in a meaningful manner and to provide them with analytical process diagrams. Based on this, the knowledge of how the processes in the OMNITRACKER BPMN Engine are made executable.

In exercises, you also use the OMNITRACKER BPMN Modeler.

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OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence (BI)

Target group: Process owners, Process managers, Business analysts

Content: Competent specialist trainers teach the ability to analyze company data and provide them with the right tools to the participants in interactive and meaningful reports. They teach you how to set up self-service BI dashboards right through to enterprise reporting.

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This is a “closed form of training”, since the contents are customized for your OMNITRACKER application.

Target group: OMNITRACKER users

Content: OMNITRACKER operation and the application of the individualized processes and workflows which are supported by OMNITRACKER.

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Custom training

Your company has different and special requirements that need alternatives for training. We can respond to the diversity and help you directly on site with our flexible approach.

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Our selection of training locations


A large number of training cources take place at our headquarters in Eckental near Nuremberg.


In Belgium we also offer training courses for you.


Training courses are also held at our subsidiary in Vienna.

Your company

We are also happy to offer you the possibility of in-house training courses at your company.