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Document Management

Managing and providing documents efficiently

Optimize your processes by making document-based knowledge centrally available throughout the company. Efficient knowledge management is playing an increasingly important role in companies. To guarantee smooth processes, you need to manage documents efficiently and provide them reliably. With OMNITRACKER Document Management you can plan, create, review, release and publish documents in a process-controlled manner.

Your advantages with the document management tool

Benefits at a glance

  • Document management
  • Document provision
  • Process optimization
  • Business process platform
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A company’s knowledge is constantly changing and is distributed across numerous documents. A company must ensure that all employees always have access to correct and up-to-date information. The basis for the reliable provision of information is a centrally maintained document management system.

Efficient document management
  • Store documents centrally and find them quickly

  • Plan, create, review, release and publish documents

  • Organize documents clearly in directories

  • Integration with other OMNITRACKER applications

Simple administration and provision
  • Version management of documents

  • Mirroring of documents to external file systems (e.g. for integration into websites)

  • Powerful search and filter options

  • Color coding of document states

  • Publication of documents on the intranet through optional integration with Microsoft SharePoint®.

Process optimization
  • Role-based permissions (read, author or reviewer rights)

  • Easily customizable workflows

  • Automated email notifications (e.g., request for review)

  • Subscription features for notifications of new and updated documents

Mature platform technology
  • Easily customizable and extensible with additional processes

  • Full integration with other OMNITRACKER applications

  • Powerful interfaces

  • Integration of external development and test systems 

Efficiently manage shared documents and files in any format.

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The functions of OMNITRACKER document management software

With OMNITRACKER Document Management, you can manage your documents company-wide, regardless of location, in one central point. The application is intuitive to use and an effective tool for the successful creation, management and publication of documents. The document delivery process can be individually extended and customized. You can use the OMNITRACKER business process platform for all business processes and avoid unnecessary maintenance efforts.

Thought-out authorization concept

The role-based authorization concept protects against unauthorized access and controls the creation and release process. You can define authorizations for different roles at document type level. This protects information from unauthorized access and unnecessary distribution.

Easy deployment

With OMNITRACKER Document Management, you can provide documents in different ways.

  • Direct access to documents via the OMNITRACKER client
  • Mirror shared documents to a file system
  • Automatically make shared documents available on your website or intranet through optional integration with Microsoft SharePoint®.

If you also want to share documents publicly, you can choose a different file format for the public version, such as PDF. Document subscriptions allow users to be automatically notified of new and changed documents via email. This ensures that no one is working with outdated documents and that company-wide knowledge sharing functions smoothly.

Document versioning

Old document versions are automatically stored, so you can quickly access previous versions of a document at any time. If a document is no longer to be used, you can archive it within OMNITRACKER Document Management. The document then remains accessible for administration with all versions, but is no longer available for other user roles or in mirrored file systems.

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