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Indicator Overview

Keep track of the key indicators of your processes

Would you like to see the most important indicators of your processes at a glance?

Would you like to use cross-process KPI Cockpit Controls?

Would you like to have preconfigured KPIs which you can customize?

As a competent executive, you need indicators of your business processes and organizational units in a meaningful and vivid representation to support your quest for efficiency and cost optimization. OMNILYTICS is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to customize KPIs created to suit your business needs. Choose from various display types and determine the scope of the business processes to be evaluated.

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OMNILYTICS make it easy to configuratively create appealing and meaningful process KPIs.

KPI Cockpit

Each OMNITRACKER application can be equipped with configurable KPI Cockpit. Interactive diagrams provide information about the processes in real time.

Usability of KPIs

Not only in reports it is possible to use KPI measurement data, but it is also possible to visualize them graphically. Different visualization elements are available, that will support you in keeping track of the quality of any processes.

Visualization of KPIs

All data sources can be integrated in OMNILYTICS. You can use the central database of your process platform including connected third-party systems - independent of the manufacturer - for data modeling, evaluation and visualization of your KPIs.

The analytics tool: OMNILYTICS

When it comes to data analyses, real benefit results from the right strategy when selecting and interpreting your data. Optimally, you connect relevant information across departments and processes. Thus, you know in advance how to interpret possible results.

For the structured implementation—in addition to BI expertise—a flexible software solution is required to select the decision-critical data from the mass of your data, to retrieve it continuously and to present the information obtained in an appealing way and clearly arranged.


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Business Intelligence by OMNINET

Provides comprehensive data evaluation and analyses of the company’s KPIs

Discover a variety of ways for evaluating your data and presenting it clearly: predefined or custom reports, various KPI visualizations, dashboards, customizable database views or data warehouse reports. With OMNITRACKER Business Intelligence, you always have access to the latest business data to support your decisions. So you can always adapt your evaluations to your needs.

Understanding data as a valuable product with Business Intelligence.


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