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Project Implementation

Manage OMNITRACKER Projects Individually and Well-structured

OMNINET guides you on your way to project implementation

In order to ensure that your OMNITRACKER projects are successful, our trained and experienced consultants support you in every project phase. We enable you to use our complete software solution for all your business processes quickly, efficiently and flexibly in the long term. If you have questions about possible areas of application and technical implementations, always count on our experience and practical expertise.

Start | A new software is integrated in your company

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With the introduction of a new software, internal challenges often arise because processes are not yet established and required user knowledge is lacking. In addition, the restructuring of existing processes must also be understood and implemented. In order to make your projects successful, you need a partner with experience—regarding the tool to be used, the relevant process structures, as well as in terms of the efficient implementation of software projects. Thus, the introduction of new software can run smoothly.

As a universal and modular business process platform, OMNITRACKER is highly versatile.

Rely on us as your project partner in all phases: from the definition of requirements to ongoing operation.

Requirements management | Turning ideas into specifications

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At the beginning of the project, we conduct a workshop together, where your ideas become individual specifications in your OMNITRACKER applications. An experienced consultant guides you through this workshop, records your wishes and already contributes valuable suggestions for the technical implementation.

After the workshop, we summarize the contents and document them systematically in the Requirements Management of the OMNITRACKER Systems Engineering Center. You have access to the defined requirements via our OMNITRACKER Web Client—comment on them or release them after an appropriate review. Through this transparent communication, we ensure that there is a common understanding of the system to be developed.

Project planning | Implementing with concept and structure

Projects are dependent on a well-structured implementation. Therefore, we have designed a systematic process to ensure that your projects are completed successfully and on time. As soon as the requirements documentation phase is complete, we are also available to provide project consulting services. This can take place during the requirements workshop, but also separately on specific topics.

The focus of the project management concept is a uniformly structured project process that supports the implementation of all project phases. This makes projects comparable and simplifies their planning and controlling. The structuring also supports the transparency and secures the knowledge acquired in the project work. Regarding the management of the superordinate project landscape, the structured project process offers assistance in the comprehensive control of the projects in their interaction.

In order to implement all projects efficiently, we adapt our approach to your current needs. Our standardized and proven process model, which is scalable and adaptable depending on the size and complexity of the project, helps us to do this. In all phases of the project, planning and implementation are transparent and comprehensible for you. The goal of our tried-and-tested project process is to simplify processes and to present even complex issues clearly. For this purpose, we use our self-developed BPMN software to visualize and optimize the productivity of your business processes.

We clearly regulate the organizational project processes for your new Business Process Ecosystem.

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Project conception | Traditional or agile approach

Besides technical knowledge, project planning, project management and project controlling are important factors on the way to your project to success. We already have implemented OMNITRACKER for hundreds of customers from a wide range of industries as well as from medium-sized companies to major international corporations. Furthermore, we take care of project management and project controlling—OMNINET offers an end-to-end tool environment for efficient information exchange and smooth collaboration with customers.

We support you during the entire project. In addition to your project manager, our established Project Office is also available as your contact partner. We are monitoring your budget, planning the deadlines, coordinating project teams and are available for all your organizational questions.

Traditional project approach

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Projects run through a life cycle in which the service is provided. Traditional project management is characterized by the generally sequential processing of project activities, which are further subdivided by milestones. In order to reach a milestone, predefined acceptance conditions, document proofs, etc. must be fulfilled. Phases and milestones allow consistent control during the project and are an instrument for successful completion in project management.

Agile project approach

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In the beginning of agile project management, there is often only a rough task definition or an overarching project goal, as the basic principle of all agile approaches is that work is done in short iteration cycles (sprints) with interim results. In each sprint, a preliminary result is presented. Partial acceptances are granted or change requests are made. In an agile project, the vision is formulated and the requirements are captured. With each sprint, the initially loosely defined ideas become step by step the finished software product.

Software-supported project implementation and monitoring

The OMNITRACKER Project Management Center covers the entire project lifecycle and supports initial project planning as well as project implementation and monitoring throughout the entire project. Both the traditional and agile process models are available for this purpose. Real time reports and dashboards always give you an overview of your resources and the current project progress.

OMNITRACKER Project Management Center consists of:

  • Approving and finalizing activities, project phases and projects
  • Monitoring of milestones
  • Calculating and monitoring costs and budgets
  • "Earned Value Analysis" (EVA) to measure project progress based on cost and schedule planning
  • Monitoring of thresholds related to proportional budget utilization (escalations when exceeded)
  • Color markers to indicate the profitability of individual activities and project phases
  • Project documentation: In addition to the extensive data stored in your project, you can add any type of file attachments to projects, project phases and activities.

We are looking forward to implementing your project with you.

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Customizing | Implementation according to your requirements

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After defining the system and business processes, we implement your requirements quickly and efficiently using OMNITRACKER. The implementation can take place remotely or at your site. Our Business Process Ecosystem is modular, so you can expand your installation as needed with additional OMNITRACKER applications, interfaces or your own applications. Be advised from our experienced staff at any time or have new requirements fully implemented by our consultants.

Communication is simplified by assigning one particular contact person at OMNINET to manage your project. This person supervises the progress of the project and, if necessary, is supported by colleagues from our consulting team. This ensures that communication is simple and that you still have access to the collective expertise of the entire OMNINET consulting team.

Moreover, our consulting team will be available for change requests or consultations during the subsequent test phase of the individual implementations.

We put your system into operation according to your requirements.

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Go-live | Testing & integrating

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The go-live of a new software is a special challenge for every company. Therefore, we recommend a detailed test of your individual OMNITRACKER by your employees, so that it runs smoothly with your adjustments in your system. After this prearranged test phase, your OMNITRACKER installation should be transferred to the live system. If required, we will also be at your side during the commissioning phase and will certainly be available for any questions or change requests you may have.

After the go-live, you should train your employees at the latest. We offer target group specific trainings with interesting topics related to OMNITRACKER. Our trainings for end users and administrators are addressed at beginners as well as experts, depending on the training.

Support | Operational support

If you wish, OMNINET can take over the operation of your OMNITRACKER applications on your infrastructure in completely or in part. This allows you to concentrate on your core business while having the certainty that your OMNITRACKER applications are running securely and stably.

To make your system operation run smoothly, we offer different support models, which we tailor to your individual needs.

For our customers we assume many tasks that are necessary around the operation of OMNITRACKER:

  • Installation and version upgrades
  • Performance analysis
  • Administration and monitoring
  • Complete takeover of operations
  • Various support services

OMNITRACKER makes processes clearer and easier.

We offer you the following advantages:

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Comprehensive project consulting from the very beginning

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According to traditional or agile project approach model

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Benefit from our proven processes and tools

OMNINET Erfahrung2 01

With over 25 years of experience, we are glad to be there for you

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Efficient and transparent communication with your dedicated contact person

BI Express features Customize v5

Design your OMNITRACKER system according to your wishes

With OMNITRACKER the company IT operates with greater efficiency and we are achieving higher levels of user satisfaction.

Michael Fey, Head of IT

An outstanding and superior service is essential for our customers. OMNITRACKER supports us in achieving this via the registration and follow-up of customer enquiries.

Alexander Zwart, Head Cash Management Operations

A complex web-based contract management solution has been created with OMNITRACKER through constructive, direct and goal-oriented communication with the support of the competent OMNINET consultants.

Frank Merkel

Thanks to OMNITRACKER, we have been able to introduce ITIL-based processes and increase the quality of our IT Services.

Michael Fey, Head of IT

We appreciate the very personal and uncomplicated contact with OMNINET as manufacturer of our OMNITRACKER installations. In addition, the highly flexible applications and the support of the competent OMNINET employees are a valuable factor for us.

Curt Eylers, Group IT

For many years, OMNITRACKER has been our central platform for integrated and highly automated business processes.
In addition to the ITSM processes with which we started, today we also use OMNITRACKER to handle the majority of our administrative, logistics and compliance processes.

David Wester, Manager Service & Support

With OMNITRACKER ITSM Center we have taken a significant step forward on our way from grown structures to integrated Enterprise Service Management and thus to improving customer satisfaction.

Michael Niekut, Head of Service Operations Center

With OMNITRACKER we have the freedom to implement and adapt our processes by ourselves without having to rely on external support. The simple and seamless connection to third-party systems, such as our own TGW service portal, optimally supports our processes.

Stefan Hamann, Head of Application Services

OMNITRACKER provides us the opportunity to adapt all applications to our specific requirements with low configuration effort and it also guarantees release compatibility.
Moreover, we enjoy working with OMNINET's friendly and dedicated team.

Christopher Müll, Project Leader OMNITRACKER

The OMNITRACKER meets our most important requirements on BPM:
stability, flexibility, connectivity and transparency.
Complemented by professional consulting and friendly customer service, the result is a purposeful symbiosis of man and technology.

Jörg Suthoff, Chief Digital Officer