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OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway for Convenient Integration of Telephone Systems

OMNITRACKER Aufbau Interface

IT-based logging and controlling of phone calls

With OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway, you can directly integrate telephone systems into your software environment by using an existing TAPI driver or the scripting possibilities on the client for the connection. You receive complete documentation and proof of all phone calls.

Advantages of integrating telephone systems to your network

Advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic opening of the caller’s master data record
  • Call directly by mouse click
  • Faster callbacks
  • Proof of your calls (e.g. for invoicing or audits)
  • Visualisation of your location on customer displays
  • Ease of use through script extensions

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) provides many conveniences and, furthermore, is time-saving. The automatic connection establishment, the evaluation of the recorded signals and a logging of all telephone calls are especially noteworthy.

Reduced waiting times thanks to automatic information transfer

If your telephone system is connected to OMNITRACKER, it directly accesses and provides all relevant information of the caller automatically. Your customers no longer have to wait until you manually find and open the correct process or the corresponding master data entry in your system.

Making calls by mouse click without manual typing of numbers

By using the CTI Gateway, you always and reliably dial the correct telephone number of your customer via OMNITRACKER. By clicking on a phone number, the connection is established. Use the existing numbers in your customer database or in the OMNITRACKER master data, which is centrally stored for all applications.

Reliable callback option

Due to meetings or other calls, you may miss important calls in your daily work routine. OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway helps to see all missed calls listed. Then you can contact these callers by clicking on the "Call back" button. This reliable callback option ensures higher customer satisfaction and it improves your employees' daily customer care work as well as your internal communication processes.

Time logging of incoming and outgoing calls

With OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway, relevant data of your telephone calls are recorded and stored in the database. For example, the time and duration of all calls are documented. If required, these call logs can be evaluated in Detail.

Administration of telephony locations

By using the location concept, each OMNITRACKER client converts the display format of the phone numbers. You do not need to make any further changes regarding your current location. Your correct location is always displayed.

Development of personal scripts

Use extensive scripting options to perform customized tasks on incoming calls. For instance, the system recognizes that one of your customers is calling, which automatically opens the corresponding data record in the master data.

Easily connect your telephone system to your Network.

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Functionality OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway

OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway connects your PC/server to your telephone system. This connection works in both directions, i.e. your telephone can communicate with your computer and vice versa.

OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway offers you extensive possibilities to handle incoming and outgoing calls via the OMNITRACKER client. To support OMNITRACKER installations configured across area codes and national borders, the concept of telephony locations is used.

By using the location concept, each OMNITRACKER client can convert the display format of phone numbers. A telephony location contains all necessary information to handle a phone call from a specific client. It contains, for example, the country and area code, area codes for local, long distance and international calls, as well as PBX specific settings, like special prefixes for internal and external calls. One of the telephony locations is marked as "server location". No further changes are necessary, and you will use your current location automatically.

The OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway offers user-friendly features, such as the search function or the simple addition of telephone numbers. You can enter telephone numbers in the following ways:

  • Complete, i.e. including the country code and the area code
  • Phone number relative to the specified server location

For the development of scripts to be executed on an incoming call, the OMNITRACKER client provides a function to simulate an incoming phone call.

Satisfied OMNITRACKER users

OMNITRACKER makes processes clearer and easier.

Features offered by CTI Gateway:

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Use your telephone system directly in your software environment

Automatisch icon


Time logging of incoming and outgoing calls

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Use OMNITRACKER applications effectively

Uebersichtlich icon

Clear and concise

Information about all missed calls

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Quick and effective

Call from any OMNITRACKER application

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Use your central master database for all required information

Documentation of incoming calls

Dokumentation eingehender Anrufe

You own a TAPI-2 telephone system and the OMNITRACKER CTI Gateway. You receive a call from your customer. This customer is recognized by the phone number, and the correct data record opens automatically in your OMNITRACKER.

You enter the customer request into your system for further processing. All necessary information about this call, such as call time and duration, is recorded automatically. If you still have a query to your customer afterwards, you only need to click on the phone number and the connection is established without time-consuming dialing.

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